baby, it's cold outside.

My Georgia roots are finally showing. I may not have a southern accent or use "ya'll" but I am definitely not used to 'cold' temperatures in early November. Those are typically saved for after Christmas. It isn't that I can't handle the cold (yeah, I know I talk big. Ask me again when I am shoveling snow) it is more that I haven't wrapped my head around the fact that I have to dress appropriately. I should really put away the short sleeved shirts and buy a proper winter jacket! My daughter keeps asking me when she can wear shorts and t-shirts again. And since I told her it would be many months she has developed her own style of wearing clothing under her summer clothes. That's another post in and of itself. R style. You wouldn't know that everyone was silently shivering in these photographs because the smile on this little guy was enough to melt any frozen heart. Cue Frozen theme song that has overrun my house. BOOM! How can I give any better intro to this photographs?!!!  

New Friends | New City | New Business | Baltimore Family Photographer

We found out we were moving to Baltimore at the end of March. That left us approximately 6 weeks to figure out where we were actually going to live (I had never stepped foot in Baltimore!) and pack up our lives in Athens. Russ was actually working / living in a different city two hours away for 4 of those 6 weeks! God really orchestrated everything about the process from where we landed to the friends I met almost immediately. Maria was one of my very first friends in this new city and I am so incredibly thankful to have met her. She is a beautiful, kind, caring and amiable woman that brightens any room she enters. Her family is equally as wonderful. I am proud to say that she is my first official client in this new city. It seemed fitting that the launch of my new site be paired photos from her family session. : )